We Are

Leading M2M Connection Provider

We are a leading provider for managed Machine 2 Machine sim connected services for a wide range of customers worldwide.

We provide a wide range of fully connected solutions both bespoke and “off the shelf” to suit the requirements of your business and customers.

We Have

Range of Plans and Products

We have a wide range of plans and products to suit the needs of every business. We work exclusively with Vodafone as the world leader in M2M/IoT sim provision and global network footprint.

Our aggregated data solution ensures that data intensive sims can be offset against those with lower usage ensuring consistent cost management across your entire estate. We also have some of the most compelling commercial offerings available and offer revenue share and partnership opportunities to application developers and system integrator looking for a responsive, high quality partner to service their needs and those of their customers.

We Offer

Vodafone Sim


Vodafone Local Sim: Offering a cost effective sim based data connectivity solution benefiting from Vodafone’s UK network footprint.

Vodafone Global Sim: We are fortunate to be part of a select group of Vodafone Global Sim partners providing connectivity to global organisations from a single billing platform and management solution. The Vodafone Global sim acts as in “permanent roam” mode ensuring its always connected anywhere there is a mobile mast irrespective of the Vodafone network coverage in any given area.