Do you know your analogue from your ISDN or your pence per minute from your fixed rate? There is a huge amount of options in the market and we appreciate that it can be both confusing and worrying to move your business landlines.There is however no need to worry as whether you are looking for calls only or lines and call packages the transfer is seamless.Whether you are looking for a new phone system, more cost effective calls or line rental then Assimilated can assist.


We Are

Competitive call rates

If you are looking to minimise call costs while maintaining call quality then look no further. We have access to a vast range of packages, bundles and routing types that can be tailored to you. It may be that you call overseas a lot or that usage patterns have changed but nobody has had the time to alter the tariff, Assimilated can do all the hard work for you.
With seamless transfer you have no need to worry about downtime so let us help you make the savings you should be.


We Have

Calls and Lines

With the ability to tailor packages to meet your needs we can offer a bespoke solution to fit your needs and usage patterns. We work closely with a few chosen partners to ensure we can cover all your requirements and provide a flexible line and call package.
Full support can be provided ensuring that you have peace of mind when it comes to your business communications.

We Offer

Business Phone systems & Support

Keeping in touch with suppliers and clients is central to your business and having the appropriate phone system is key. We can assist in demonstrating and recommending the most suitable one for you whether it is a simple system for a small office or a large more advance system for multiple sites.
A range of support packages are available to ensure that you have peace of mind at all times.




Assimilated offer Business Broadband connections suitable from small to large business UK wide. The solution offers a range of tariffs to suit specific usage patterns whilst ensuring excellent speed of service and competitive pricing.
A full range of support packages are available to ensure that you have peace of mind at all times.


Unified Communications

Unified communications means one supplier, one bill and a fully managed solution across multiple communication systems. Perhaps you would like to see you fixed line and your mobile on the same bill.
Assimilated are in a position to offer a full compliment of solutions designed to fit your needs. If you are a large business looking to consolidate costs and guarantee service levels or a small business that perhaps wants an all – in package of mobile, fixed and broadband we can help.
Some of these options provide a fixed cost solution and perhaps are ideal for small business, they comprise of unlimited mobile tariffs, broadband and landline in one fixed monthly cost.


PBX/Unified Communications

What is UCC to you?

There are plenty of opinions about what Unified Communications means. Technology vendors tend to talk about Unified Communications within the context of their own products. As a managed service provider with an objective view of the entire communications landscape, Assimilated’s view of UCC is broader.


The application layer enabling innovation and business transformation

For us, Unified Communications is the bringing together of all communications services, to create a seamless communication experience for your employees and customers. For example – give your people one identity, one number, one voicemail box, one inbox for all kinds of messages…then make this unified experience independent of device and location, and always switch to the lowest-cost option for every bit of contact.
The ultimate in Unified Communications is to have all elements integrated into one managed solution delivered under a single commercial agreement. This can be approached over time, working to a Unified Communications roadmap with tactical waypoints implemented according to the value they deliver.
There is no ‘one size fits all’. When we plan a Unified Communications solution, we work with you to map out your technology status quo, and to understand what kind of work your people do and how and where they do it. From this blueprint, we recommend the best combination of services and applications for a Unified Communications solution that delivers ROI and business benefit.


What do the analysts say?

Business end-users typically treat the Unified Communications components – voice, messaging, conferencing, instant messaging/presence, applications, clients, social networks and collaboration tools – in silos. They can no longer work this way as Unified Communications represents a fusion of different communications cultures and work styles. The artificial separation they are used to will become a thing of the past. (Jeff Mann, research vice president at Gartner)


What happens if existing Unified Communications offerings don’t fit your needs?

Assimilated has a communications application development team dedicated to integrating and innovating Unified Communications solutions, building in additional functionality onto available offerings utilising the major vendors including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel.